Cody – OU Maps

Creating your own map locations looks really nice and easy to navigate.  Green maps were easy to read and seems like it could provide parents with an easy way to look at where their children are living in relation to the rest of campus.  The directory could be very useful for everyone affiliated with the university.

Christine – Chemistry Rock Concert

Seemed like a way to get students engaged in chemistry that may not be interested in the topic.  Very well organized as far as the groups of chemicals.  Sounded like having people test the app provided valuable feedback that helped improve the app.  Music is an interesting aspect that could be built upon by student users to make if more personalized.

Rueben and Tian – Computer Ethics

Testing on multiple devices is a good idea as you may leave some people out if it only works on certain platforms.  The site is visually appealing and the categories all seem to be on the overall topic but still are distinct from one another.  The accessibility is free and that will allow more people to be able to use it.

Jamie, Nick, and Albert – Discover McCracken

The tracking tool is very nice way to see which areas of the building are being utilized the most or which areas are not being used as much.  Very interesting to go around a building and learn about not only centers and departments and also individual faculty members.

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