The Home Stretch

I have to say that I have really enjoyed the class this quarter and did not realize how much can go into creating and understanding mobile devices.  While I still consider myself a novice when compared to my classmates, I feel that I have a fairly good foundation for understanding the uses of mobile devices for learning.  I am not interested in learning the coding world of these tools, but reading and discussing the pros and cons of programs as well as innovative ways that these things can be used has been a welcomed change of pace from my higher education reading.

I presented my group’s mobile creation, “Finding Rufus” in a college student personnel class last week.  They were quite impressed with the concept of the mobile site.  I thought it was particularly useful to present this to the class as most of them will work in student affairs in higher education institutions and seeing that they can utilize mobile devices to help their students was something they were very interested in and willing to try.

I am somewhat sad that this class is coming to an end already but after having such difficulties finding applicable articles this quarter I guess there may not be a lot of topics left for us to discuss.  I am extremely glad I chose this area as my cognate and could see myself working with technology in the future.


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