Not as Bad as I Thought

After finally figuring out how to use Mobl21 it was not quite as horrible as I originally feared.  I am still on the fence as far as how much use I think educators can get from this application.  It is good for straight memorization as the flash cards can be a great tool for that.  However, I am not sure how useful the study guides can be, especially if you have to include links to things.  This could not only limit users if they do not have internet access, but also could drain battery life and not allow them to use the application as much as they may like.

I am going to attempt to read through the creating apps book for my second project but I am glad to know that I understand Mobl21 well enough that I can create another app with it as a fallback plan.  I am enjoying learning about mobile devices as this is a course I took with the goal of learning something and not just a requirement (I am sure graduate students never take courses just because they have to).  I hope the rest of the quarter continues to be as interesting as the first half and I am actually looking forward to creating apps instead of being scared.

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