Less is More

I am taking this course because I am interested in how technology can aid students and teachings in education.  However, that interest does not translate into previous knowledge.  I chose instructional technology as my cognate to learn something new and pick up some tools that will help me in my career in higher education.  I am learning about things I did not know existed but I am definitely feeling a bit overwhelmed at this point in the quarter.

I am using this particular post as a sort of “deep breath” to voice my concerns and realize that things will get better. I find myself learning about new apps, websites, creation tools, etc., and I want to utilize them all now and in the most innovative way imaginable.  I am trying to realize that this is not the best goal when you don’t know much about utilizing these technological tools.

Few things in life are as bad as we make them to be in our mind and that is what I am trying to remember.  I am going to take the “less is more” approach with my first created application because it is literally my first creation of any kind from a technology aspect.  I need to concentrate on producing something useful and not something “flashy”, no pun intended.  Focusing more on how do things correctly instead of the finished project will allow me to use the tools in this class in the future instead of just trying to get through the course.  I hope this post didn’t sound too negative as I felt that writing my concerns would allow me to address them easier.


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