Mobl21 First Impressions

I am not quite sure exactly what to think of Mobl21 so far.  I was very excited at the prospect of being able to create applications on mobile devices that students could access anytime they wanted.  I was expecting to be blown away and “see the light” as far as creating content that would be revolutionary in aiding students with their education but now realize that my expectations were too large and the light is still very dark.

I realize now that I did not have a correct understanding about Mobl21 and thought that it would be more creative and less “PowerPoint” like.  The tool can certainly aid students in studying but I wanted more creating your own path and a less linear type of progression.  After going through the training I am  a little worried that Mobl21 may be fairly limited in its use but that remains to be seen.

I am going to play around with creating some content in Mobl21 and hope that some of these negative impressions will be pushed aside.  I have been thinking about the type of tools I want to create for students in higher education and my mind keeps going back to some kind of social events aid.  Many first year students need help adjusting to college life and feel somewhat isolated, even though there may be thousands of students around.  I would like to create an app that can let students know about all the events happening on and around campus so that they may become more well adjusted students.  The app could also include more interactive types of maps so that students can learn their way around campus easier.  Not sure where I want to go with this yet but I am looking forward to seeing what can be done.

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