Cody – OU Maps

Creating your own map locations looks really nice and easy to navigate.  Green maps were easy to read and seems like it could provide parents with an easy way to look at where their children are living in relation to the rest of campus.  The directory could be very useful for everyone affiliated with the university.

Christine – Chemistry Rock Concert

Seemed like a way to get students engaged in chemistry that may not be interested in the topic.  Very well organized as far as the groups of chemicals.  Sounded like having people test the app provided valuable feedback that helped improve the app.  Music is an interesting aspect that could be built upon by student users to make if more personalized.

Rueben and Tian – Computer Ethics

Testing on multiple devices is a good idea as you may leave some people out if it only works on certain platforms.  The site is visually appealing and the categories all seem to be on the overall topic but still are distinct from one another.  The accessibility is free and that will allow more people to be able to use it.

Jamie, Nick, and Albert – Discover McCracken

The tracking tool is very nice way to see which areas of the building are being utilized the most or which areas are not being used as much.  Very interesting to go around a building and learn about not only centers and departments and also individual faculty members.

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The Home Stretch

I have to say that I have really enjoyed the class this quarter and did not realize how much can go into creating and understanding mobile devices.  While I still consider myself a novice when compared to my classmates, I feel that I have a fairly good foundation for understanding the uses of mobile devices for learning.  I am not interested in learning the coding world of these tools, but reading and discussing the pros and cons of programs as well as innovative ways that these things can be used has been a welcomed change of pace from my higher education reading.

I presented my group’s mobile creation, “Finding Rufus” in a college student personnel class last week.  They were quite impressed with the concept of the mobile site.  I thought it was particularly useful to present this to the class as most of them will work in student affairs in higher education institutions and seeing that they can utilize mobile devices to help their students was something they were very interested in and willing to try.

I am somewhat sad that this class is coming to an end already but after having such difficulties finding applicable articles this quarter I guess there may not be a lot of topics left for us to discuss.  I am extremely glad I chose this area as my cognate and could see myself working with technology in the future.


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Class Project

I am really enjoying the process of the class project.  I have never created substance online or on a mobile device (not counting Mobl21) and it is not as bad as I thought.  I will admit that I am still not up to speed on including GPS and map tools on the website but I am learning.

I really think that our idea of creating a tool that allows students to find different locations on a campus can be really helpful.  Students, especially new students, can be overwhelmed by a lot of new information being thrown at them and may not feel comfortable asking strangers where a building or office is located.  I am excited to see what our finished project will look like and smoothly the mobile version works in terms of truly being a help to students.

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Not as Bad as I Thought

After finally figuring out how to use Mobl21 it was not quite as horrible as I originally feared.  I am still on the fence as far as how much use I think educators can get from this application.  It is good for straight memorization as the flash cards can be a great tool for that.  However, I am not sure how useful the study guides can be, especially if you have to include links to things.  This could not only limit users if they do not have internet access, but also could drain battery life and not allow them to use the application as much as they may like.

I am going to attempt to read through the creating apps book for my second project but I am glad to know that I understand Mobl21 well enough that I can create another app with it as a fallback plan.  I am enjoying learning about mobile devices as this is a course I took with the goal of learning something and not just a requirement (I am sure graduate students never take courses just because they have to).  I hope the rest of the quarter continues to be as interesting as the first half and I am actually looking forward to creating apps instead of being scared.

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Less is More

I am taking this course because I am interested in how technology can aid students and teachings in education.  However, that interest does not translate into previous knowledge.  I chose instructional technology as my cognate to learn something new and pick up some tools that will help me in my career in higher education.  I am learning about things I did not know existed but I am definitely feeling a bit overwhelmed at this point in the quarter.

I am using this particular post as a sort of “deep breath” to voice my concerns and realize that things will get better. I find myself learning about new apps, websites, creation tools, etc., and I want to utilize them all now and in the most innovative way imaginable.  I am trying to realize that this is not the best goal when you don’t know much about utilizing these technological tools.

Few things in life are as bad as we make them to be in our mind and that is what I am trying to remember.  I am going to take the “less is more” approach with my first created application because it is literally my first creation of any kind from a technology aspect.  I need to concentrate on producing something useful and not something “flashy”, no pun intended.  Focusing more on how do things correctly instead of the finished project will allow me to use the tools in this class in the future instead of just trying to get through the course.  I hope this post didn’t sound too negative as I felt that writing my concerns would allow me to address them easier.


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Mobl21 First Impressions

I am not quite sure exactly what to think of Mobl21 so far.  I was very excited at the prospect of being able to create applications on mobile devices that students could access anytime they wanted.  I was expecting to be blown away and “see the light” as far as creating content that would be revolutionary in aiding students with their education but now realize that my expectations were too large and the light is still very dark.

I realize now that I did not have a correct understanding about Mobl21 and thought that it would be more creative and less “PowerPoint” like.  The tool can certainly aid students in studying but I wanted more creating your own path and a less linear type of progression.  After going through the training I am  a little worried that Mobl21 may be fairly limited in its use but that remains to be seen.

I am going to play around with creating some content in Mobl21 and hope that some of these negative impressions will be pushed aside.  I have been thinking about the type of tools I want to create for students in higher education and my mind keeps going back to some kind of social events aid.  Many first year students need help adjusting to college life and feel somewhat isolated, even though there may be thousands of students around.  I would like to create an app that can let students know about all the events happening on and around campus so that they may become more well adjusted students.  The app could also include more interactive types of maps so that students can learn their way around campus easier.  Not sure where I want to go with this yet but I am looking forward to seeing what can be done.

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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